dwh Wins Contract for ÖBB Locomotive Optimization

  • 06/25/2020

Note: This is an automated translation (using DeepL) of the original German article.

For the Pilot project LEO (locomotive deployment optimisation) of ÖBB Produktion dwh has been awarded the contract. Thus, the already successful project LEO Proof-of-Concept and the soon to be completed research project AundO can be continued and supplemented in order to achieve even better results in the field of locomotive planning.

The aim of the project is to produce optimised plans that are demand-oriented and based on various criteria, be it the reduction of required traction units or the most efficient use of energy during operation.

The tool is intended to strengthen ÖBB’s competitiveness in the constantly growing European rail market and at the same time improve sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The implementation and anchoring in the productive environment of ÖBB is only one part of the extensive enhancements, which should improve both the long-term and short-term planning of traction units.

In the project, the full range of dwh GmbH’s know-how is applied: from agent-based modelling of the entire rail traffic to AI-based prediction of delays and failures.