Till now complex building structures were planed with static programms.

These processes are ineffective and both space and time resources were used badly. But what if you plan buidlings from the beginning including dynamic processes that will run in these buildings?

With MODYPLAN, you can plan, test and select the best combinations and variants of all the parts of a building already before the laying of the foundation stone with the processes that will take place here.

For this purpose, a number of templates for areas and processes exist that repeatedly occur in the planning. These may be adapted and reused reducing the time for the planning process of projects and creating more time for innovative aspects of the planing task.


  • Template based planing tool for rapid prototyping
  • Simple Integration in existing planing processes
  • Flexible Interfaces to existing data warehouses
  • Many possibilites for visualizing the results
  • Easy comparision of different scenarios
  • Realtime 3D Visualization