MoreSpace is a software which is integrated in existing business processes of space allocation by experts in order to simulate new booking strategies. These then can be analyzed and compared in relation to effectiveness, usability and much more. This is based on the assumption that areas over time seen very little used.

A great advantage of MoreSpace is that it is integrated into the existing decision-making processes instead of predetermining a computer-generated "best" solution which is then implemented. The various booking strategies are calculated and compared with each other. This does not only involve the higher load. MoreSpace also outputs resulting limitations: how far is an alternative Auditorium maximum, for example? Because MoreSpace is always utilized by an expert, gradually requirements and targets can be adapted.

MoreSpace does not take off the decisions for the decision makers - but it does help to make consensus decisions together. The system works and is used in practice which could be achieved due to the interdisciplinary development with architects, project planners, mathematicians but also with experts from the practice who are responsible for building management, IT systems and curricula. In addition to the usage for long-term planning, MoreSpace can also be used "Special operations":