The aim of DEXHELPP is the development of new methods, models and technologies to support analysis, planning and control of health care systems. To develop such technologies is of highest priority in order to solve the contradiction of increasingly limited resources in financing such systems on the one hand and the development of new and often expensive medical therapies and technologies on the other hand. New questions and strategies of planning will have to be processed and answered as part of the newly legally fixed “target control” implemented in 2014.

DEXHELPP uses already existing and new data sources as well as their extensions and junctions and develops different models and strategies in order to:

  1. carry out analyses of the status quo,
  2. calculate forecasts of future developments, and
  3. compare scenarios on the basis of different assumptions on developments or interventions.

Interventions in this case means procedures or changes in the area of the treatment of patients inside organisations or in the structure of the health care system.

The Kompetenzzentrum K-Projekt DEXHELPP as part of COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies – is sponsored by BMVIT, BMWFW and the city of Vienna. The COMET project is organised by FFG.