Life Science Companies face challenges in the area of process management and the ongoing evaluation of their new products for the development of pharmaceutical or medical products. In addition to the requirements of the approval as medical products, the effectiveness, the comparison to other similar products, the patient focus and much more has to be reviewed in order to commercialize the innovation in an optimal manner. To persist successful economically, the question of the positioning of the medical product or the medicine on the market, ideally with refund – meaning the adoption of costs through social insurances – is extremely important. As part of imProve user centred online support tools and services are developed in the context of a costumed cockpit in order to support companies through a service, that offers the analysis of external and internal data, scenarios, strategies and simulation models, to help them to decide and to communicate. Therefore a modular and standardized user interface is developed, especially for KMUs.

The cockpit, an information tool, that accompanies development, does not only show the users the actual status of the development pipeline, but has also interfaces to other tools, that are able to answer directly many of the questions appearing or that can at least provide possible contacts or experts. The tool is going to be developed based on real needs and tasks of the users. Data interfaces are directly integrated. The search for available health data sources in Austria and the integration of own data sources are made possible, as well as target group analysis, marked analysis and cost effectiveness analysis, that is especially important for HTAs. This is implemented with a simulation model that is tailored to the overall process and integrates different modules at varying moments. The users are constantly involved, in order to train their needs optimally.

The specialisation on the Austrian market, the data connected to it, as well as the knowledge coming out of previous projects (IFEDH, DEXHELPP) enable the development of a service, that is affordable also by SMEs, that favours successful marketing, especially if it should be refunded by social insurance services. The project is developed by the dwh together with three R&D partners in an interdisciplinary and trans-technological manner and improves the interface between man and machine through the utilization of user focused integrated data analysis, visualization and simulation techniques.