What can we do for you?

Here you can see our main services we can offer to you. If you are not sure whether your problem falls in to one of these categories, then feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Data everywhere, and if you're unlucky, then it's even BIG DATA!

But what to do with all the data?

Data is only valuable if you can read and also understand it.

The dwh GmbH has the tools you need to create interfaces to the data quickly, then read, process, analyze, interpret and ultimately prepare and visualize it.

So, you get an All-In-one solution to understand your data quickly and successfully.

More and more relationships in complex systems and large amounts of data are no longer comprehensible through human expertise. Here, often methods from the field of Artificial Intelligence help in an unconventional way .

Just lately the development in this area has made a tremendous progress and we have to expect even more in the near future.

dwh GmbH also does active research in this field and then puts the results directly into everyday applications. So completely new solutions arise with amazing results which can be efficiently integrated into various environments.

More and more tasks in the industry, medical applications and security technology have to be overcome by cameras because simple sensors provide too little information.

For standard applications like E.g. the measurement of workpieces there already are solutions on the market; therefore, the dwh GmbH is especifically focused to solve problems that are not covered by all these solutions off the shelf.


  • Detection of defects on "chaotic" surfaces.
  • Fully automatic clustering of blood drops

Thanks to our large know-how in various fields of mathematics we are able to look at suchs problems from different points of view and solve them with new often unconventional methods.

In addition we can provide you, thanks to our experience, in the selection and acquisition of image processing components, which are exactly targeted towards your problem.

So our solutions are most cost-effective and efficient to accomplish your task.

Modelling is a widely applicable approach to static or dynamic analysis of complex issues and a tool for scenario planning for decision support. dwh interprets modelling as (mathematical) link between data/data analysis and system knowledge on the one hand, and planning, system analyses as well as visualization on the other hand.

A model is thereby interpreted as simplification of the real world system of interest to answer given problems. Starting with model design a formalization and realization in mathematical software is realized. Models are differentiated regarding their time dependency (static/dynamic) and also regarding the time processing (discrete/continuous).

Simulation is the step of calculating the model, and thus usually the very purpose of modelling.
dwh uses optimized software solutions and provides hardware concepts for performant realization and calculation of parameter studies and sensitivity analysis.

Application areas and methods: Historical the application field of modelling and simulation changes in the last decade rapidly. Due to university co-operations and research projects dwh accounts for this progress especially concerning:

  • extension of methods pool (physical modelling, hybrid modelling, microscopic methods, …),
  • hugh amount of raw data and parameters as well as
  • new outcome criteria and admission conditions

and makes ongoing optimization and evaluation of the process in use.