12th Juliy 2017, DEXHELPP at the World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences


Focus of the Vienna based Conference is: “From Science to Systemic Solutions Systems Thinking for Everyone”. On Wednesday 12th Niki Popper will discuss at 11:45 starting at the Health Panel session (https://isss2017vienna.sched.com/event/AtAa/health-panel-session-prof-em-dr-markus-schwaninger-prof-dr-dr-dr-felix-tretter-dr-niki-popper-dr-josef-probst), continuing with a discussion round on “Health Systems: Continuing Morning Plenary and Panel Discussion - From Qualitative to Quantitative Systems Methods and Interventions in Health Care Systems” (https://isss2017vienna.sched.com/event/BOJE/discussion-health-systems-continuing-morning-plenary-and-panel-discussion-from-qualitative-to-quantitative-systems-methods-and-interventions-in-health-care-systems). In the afternoon DEXHELPPs approach will be presented at a special workshop at 4pm (https://isss2017vienna.sched.com/event/BOJA/workshop-health-systems-continuing-morning-plenary-and-panel-discussions).

ISSS invites interested students to join on Conferences days 10th to 14th July 2017 from 8.45 am to 1 pm at Kuppelsaal of the Technischen Universität Wien for free