"Reducing psychiatric rehospitalisation, making the right decisions", Helsinki


Concluding the EU FP7 project CEPHOS-Link, Günther Zauner and Christoph Urach will take part in the conference "Reducing psychiatric rehospitalization, making the right decisions" in Helsinki Finland. Here, the results of the project, in which the DWH has played a major role in data analysis, modeling and decision support, are presented.

In this project the dwh GmbH has conjointly worked on a new method for evaluating and comparing data from different EU countries in a safe and reproducible manner in order to better understand how different treatment strategies and other aspects of the health care system affect the success of the treatment. The dwh GmbH has developed its own simulation model, enabling us to map psychiatric patient paths from 3 countries on the basis of Real World Data and to compare different strategies (e.g. the distance to the next hospital) and other aspects (e.g. co-morbidity with diabetes, demographic aspects).