Eurosim 2016


The Eurosim 2016 conference was held in Oulu, Finland from September 12 to 16. Some of our colleagues are at this tri-annual conference to connect with other specialists in simulation and participate in the scientific discourse. Martin Bicher's talk about 'Mean-Field Approximation of a Microscopic Population Model for Austria' was approved and met with interest.


Verification and validation of large agent bases models is a complicated process to check for full functionality, the simulation has to be executed various times, which takes both time and computational resources. In this paper we present an approach that could generally improve this process, applied on an agent-based population model for Austria. A so-called mean-field model in this case a partial differential equation (PDE) is used for this aim. Execution of the PDE simulation only takes a very short time, hence the mean-field model can provide a fast prospect on results, behaviour and sensitivity of the agent based model.