imProve Workshop on April 20th, 2017


Date: April 20th, 2017
Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, afterwards lunch buffet
Place: dwh GmbH, Neustiftgasse 57-59, 1070 Wien

imProve is a new platform to actively assist companies in the development, launch and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. The workshop presents specific features for data analysis, modeling and decision support and offers the possibility to discuss own applications. On the basis of the funding provided by the Municipality of Vienna as part of the "Users in Focus" call to the Vienna Business Agency, Life Science companies from Vienna will be able to use the services at favourable conditions as a first customer in 2017.

Modern medicine is not only developing rapidly in technical regards, also the requirements and regulations are in constant change. On the one hand, Big Data has become commonplace today. On the other hand, stricter data protection is required. Clinical studies are often no longer sufficient and complex cost-benefit analyses or even predictions about future developments are needed. This situation calls for the development of complex models and the latest machine learning methods to deal with these new challenges in a sovereign way.

imProve provides tools to manage these tasks efficiently and cost-effectively without losing sight of the user.
The "imProve Cockpit" merges the individual tools, provides them in a user-friendly and yet flexible way and accompanies the users through the individual phases of their projects. At the same time, the “imProve Cockpit” remains adaptable to the respective requirements of either the companies or the ongoing projects.

In using these tools, the companies are enabled to independently realize complex analyses with little effort and are no longer dependent on finished reports and confusing Excel tables. The data is available on request along the entire product pipeline. Therefore, important strategic decisions can be made in a faster, more cost-effective and valid manner and the communication with decision-makers and other stakeholders is optimized.

In this workshop, we present the regarding tools, using selected sample. Afterwards, the concrete problems of the present companies, how to implement them in imProve as well as the possible resulting potentials are discussed in small groups.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.
Please register at until April 14th, 2017.