Modeling of migration


The refugee crisis in summer 2015 was the offending object to a new simulation model which was developped at the research centre Computational Complex Systems (COCOS) at Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with ORF and is currently presented to the public at large by ORF on the web ( and at ORF Fernsehen (ZIB 24).

COCOS attempts to enhance the recognizability and experiencability of complex coherences. Without arguing the validity or falsity of decisions, coherences and effects of decisions can be displayed clearly. Within the models' help is can be shown not only that the arrival of the refugees should have been no surprise but also many politic individual measures have no or, at least, no lasting effect, respectively.

dwh GmbH conduced to success by development of the model and its implementing into an interactive web application and thus supported the realization of the project. The journalistic Supervision was performed by die Drahtwarenhandlung and supervised by Stefan Emrich.

The project was implemented in cooperation with FFG and its promoted project VALID.