Rail-Systems: Two new Research Projects on Track

  • 08/24/2022

Note: This is an automated translation (using DeepL) of the original German article.

Research is focusing on greener rail operations, as well as robust locomotive rotation and staffing schedules

Not only since the escalation of the last months it is clear that the rail system needs to be expanded and improved for climate protection reasons, as well as to increase the resilience of the global supply chains. Therefore, dwh GmbH is pleased that with VIPES and Green-TrAIn-Plan two dwh GmbH-led research projects are now funded in this area.

The focus of VIPES (project start date: October 1, 2022) is on the development of locomotive rotation and staffing plans that are not only efficient in their use of available resources, but above all reliable and dependable in their implementation. Our top-class project partners are ÖBB Produktion GmbH, the University of Vienna, and the Technical University of Dresden.
More detailed information about VIPES can be found here.

In the Green-TrAIn-Plan project, which has been running since May 1, 2022, the Vienna University of Technology is on board, along with ÖBB Produktion GmbH and the University of Vienna. This project aims at the green operation of railroad operations, for which new methods and approaches to resource planning are considered, taking into account ecological aspects, such as minimizing energy consumption.
More detailed information on Green-TrAIn-Plan can be found here.

The projects, with a duration of 36 (Green-TrAIn-Plan) and 30 months (VIPES), respectively, have a total volume of 2 million euros and are partly funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).