Seminar Machine Learning & Deep Learning


The DWH employees Matthias Wastian and Dominik Brunnmeir are going to present their current studies at the TU's internal seminar "Seminar Machine Learning & Deep Learning: Basics, Differences and Applications " that is taking place at the interfaculty centre for Computational Complex Systems on Thursday, March 16th. While Matthias Wastian presents methods for fault detection on printed circuit boards, that are being implemented for the Upper Austrian company E + E, Dominik Brunnmeier develops procedures to simulate self-learning agents in Deep Learning in order to better depict the behaviour of different individuals. Both employees are funded by the FFG by 50% in the context of the program "Research Partnerships – Industrial Dissertations". The supervision of those dissertations happens in a close cooperation with dwh GmbH as an industrial partner together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation, and the Faculty of Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology.