Success Story: dwh-Cooperation with Rail Cargo Austria

  • 03/16/2021

Note: This is an automated translation (using DeepL) of the original German article.

„Future Mobility“-research project becomes basis for ÖBB-wide programm for „Automated Ressource Planning“

In the research project AundO, dwh Gmbh, together with AUU - University of Klagenfurt and TU Wien, was concerned with optimizing the locomotive deployment planning of Rail Cargo Austria (RCA).

The two-year research project delivered such promising results on the benefits of artificial intelligence in resource planning that it became the impetus for a group-wide program on “Automated Resource Planning” within ÖBB by 2025.

Reason enough to be called a success story by Future Mobility, which you can read in full here!


The Future Mobility program, launched in 2012, aims to promote technological, organizational and social innovations in the mobility sector to contribute to society, the environment and the economy. Future Mobility, is part of open4innovation - a service of the BMK in cooperation with the FFG.