The primary objective of project INFO is to increase energy efficiency in production. This will be done through a holistic approach that significantly takes into account the disciplines energy technology, manufacturing technology and building design. A concrete result of this objective is the development of a comprehensive simulation of the overall system “production hall of Machining Technology” which includes all micro structures (such as process, machine) and macro structures (such as production system, building envelope, building structure, location, cost effectiveness) of the production facility during the entire life cycle (cradle to-cradle).

Using this simulation tool it should be first-time possible to make qualified statements of the effectiveness of various energy saving and energy production batches in production facilities.

In order to obtain valid results the project INFO provides to analyze the actual state with industrial project partners and to capture real data for later simulation measurements. Already this analysis and data analysis are expected to give first informations about improvement opportunities .

As a result, a simulation at microscopic level will be developed for each department. This specialized simulation in combination with the real data are supposed to render the input for the subsequent integrated simulation. Thereby, the individual applicability of all simulations which are an excellent starting point for thematic developments is seen as another possibility of utilization in the fields.

The aim of the holistic and integrated simulation is the identification of potential savings. Unlike previous - more static - advices the current approach enables customized recommendations which are based on the modelled real situation. Hereof, estimates of efficiency can be realised as well. Anyway, the currently fallow energy-saving potential in production machining is to be scientifically proven. Beyond that, the simulation is supposed to give a quantification of cost-saving opportunities in order to promote the willingness of companies to invest.

Another product of the INFO Project is a guide including the “blueprint” of the prototypical master plan of energy-efficient production hall for business. This guide mediates the knowledge by procedures and checklists and thus offers a simple introduction to the subject of energy efficiency to companies. The knowledge which is accumulated during the project duration is to combined and worked up according to the target audience in order to make quicker and economically sound decisions for the implementation of energy-saving measures in future.