Decision Support - Right on Target

Decision Support - Right on Target

Using scientifically sound methods for intelligent decisions.

What That Means For You.


We understand complex systems.

Our highly qualified team analyses, calculates, models and simulates large data amounts so that you can take the best decisions. You can follow each of our steps fully and with validity; with our help, you will be able to go beyond reaction and into strategic action.

We provide your basis for knowing all your options and assessing their consequences. Our work permits you to take spot-on sustainable decisions.

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The ''End of the Pandemic'' from a Modeling Perspective

Thus, the termination of modeling does not mean how we assess the situation, but results from a data limitation and is not our decision, but the consequence of political decisions. However, we are very much considering the consequences in the sense of the feedback described above, in order to possibly warn.

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Our customers are important to us!

We work closely together, so we value a good relationship to our customers!

Our Skills & Methods

Data, Data, Data ...

We love data. We source data from a range of sources - in order to establish validity and reduce complexity. Working with company-own data as well as with external sources, we combine and thereby generate their added value.

... which we analyse ...

Data create patterns. We can read those patterns to find irregularities and regularities, to see where the pattern is broken and where everything chimes. We use the latest insights and statistics and the most up-to-date AI methods in order to do so.

... offering decision support ...

While analysing the data, we find out your established processes, see how they work and question them together with you in order to bring them to chime with the data. It is our goal to lead your business to the right path.


We develop a digital twin for your system. In order to do so, we build mathematical models: static and dynamic, one-dimensional to n-dimensional, linear, square and exponential models. Our models connect your data and your processes.


We simulate your dynamic processes in your digital twin. We can plan capacities, optimise processes, prepare for worst case scenarios and assess risks fast, at low cost and no risk.

Evaluation and Visualisation

The best analysis is of no use if you don’t understand it. This is why we evaluate and visualise our results so that all decision-makers can discuss them with the same information at their fingertips in order to develop the best possible strategies.