MScan V2.0


The company E+E Elektronik produces humidity sensors, CO2 sensors and flow sensors for ultra precise measurements. The demands on the quality of these sensors are very high due to their partial use in the automotive industry. Only by the use of specialized solutions in the field of quality control one is able to meet these requirements. The dwh GmbH has renewed an existing scanning system and newly implemented its control and algorithms.

In the process the latest GUI technologies from the .NET world were used. The system generates hundreds of megabytes of images in a few seconds, so the entire image recording and processing was implemented in C++.

Another major challenge was the focus consistency through the very large scan range of 20 x 20 cm with a pixel resolution of 0.7 x 0.7 µm. Here, a laser auto focus system ensures the rapid adaptation of the focus.

The required scan path and further processing of the images is based on existing production-CAD data which can be directly imported into and processed by our software. Thus, the system is easily customizable to new products at any time.

The captured images - up to 90,000 per 15 minutes - are taken over by another software and are automatically checked for errors. Here, the latest technologies from the field of image processing and artificial intelligence are used.

All results are directly recorded into the company’s existing database infrastructure and apparently provided to the responsible operator as well.

So a system that meets the requirements for the high throughput and accuracy could be developed.